Battle of Dazar'alor Champion of the Light Strategy Guide

Battle of Dazar'alor Champion of the Light Strategy Guide

Hello and welcome to WizardBoost's guide for First Boss in Battle of Dazar'alor raid — Champion of the Light.

Champion of the Light Battle of Dazar'alor Raid Guide Tactic

Raid should be placed as shown on the picture below:
Champion of the Light WoW Tactic BoD
(B) Boss

The battle with the first boss let's split into 2 phases. At first, you have to hit dmg the boss while it's actively Seal of Retribution. The second phase comes when the other seal is active  Seal of Reckoning. Then stop dmg the boss and switch to mobs.


  • Useful 3 tanks here. Two on the boss and one golds the adds.
  • Take mobs of 30 meters from the boss, to not stack on him Zealotry.
  • Sometimes Wave of Light comes between boss and adds, so do not stand in their way.
  • The knights appearing during the battle will cast Blinding Faith. Turn away from them, otherwise you will get disorientation.
  • You need to interrupt Heal and Penance in the second phase.
  • At 2nd phase tank should take the adds out of Consecration created by knights.
  • Healers note on Judgment: Reckoning and save your great abilities for that. Get ready for great damage to the tank when boss will be less than 30% health, he will turn on burst.

Full Strategy Battle of Dazar'alor Champion of the Light WoW

Phase one:

The fight starts and boss is under Seal of Retribution. The whole point is that you don't need to kill adds during this phase. Each killed add will strengthen the boss by ability Zealotry.
Take the mobs 30 meters away from the boss, so make sure you will not kill them by random AOE.

Sometimes the boss will cast Retribution Wave, causing damage to all players.
When Boss accumulate 100 energy, he uses Judgment: Righteousness, for strengthening of one of the adds. After that, there is a transition to 2nd phase, such transitions will occur approx every minute.

Phase Two:

Phase 2 begins when boss changes the seal to Seal of Reckoning. During this time raid have to stop dmg boss and switch to mobs.

Boss will take Zealotry stacks every time she takes damage from players.
Sometimes boss will hit random player with ability Reckoning. It just should be healed and saved.
Active tank will not accumulate Zealotry, as long as debuff Sacred Blade is on.

Since boss no longer increases from the mobs death, raid switch in to them.
Mob, which buffed on 1st phase by Judgment: Righteousness should be the main target because he is the strongest.
Keep tanking boss and mobs away from each other, to not hit the boss by any AOE.

All of adds should be killed before boss get full energy and back to Seal of Retribution. When boss accumulates 100 energy he uses Judgment: Reckoning. Get ready to heal it hard, because there will be too much damage.
After the end of phase boss cast Call to arms and calling new adds and then fight return to phase one. The whole fight will take place in there 2 phases in a circle.

As you can see, this boss is not the strongest enemy and if you follow several rules and tactics easy to kill.