Level 110-120 Guide

Level 110-120 Guide

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BFA Leveling 110-120 Guide

This guide contains some tips that will help you to level up your character from 110 to 120 simply and quickly.

  1. The very first thing you need to understand is to keep all equipment during the leveling. Use Scrap-o-Matic 1000 or Shred-Master Mk1 to deconstruct your gear for resources that will help you in Warfronts.
  2. Level in “War mode” option, which has following advantages:
    1. 10-30% Up in World Quest rewards
    2. 10-30% Up in leveling experience

However, don’t forget about the possibility to be killed by the opposite faction while leveling.

  1. Use leveling flask, which called Draught of Ten Lands . It increases experience by 10% and stats by 20 for one hour. You can purchase it using 7th Legion Service Medal or Honorbound Service Medal (1 flask costs 10 medals). You can earn them doing Warfront activities and incursions.
  2. With Insightful Rubellite gem you will gain +5% experience. So try to find a Legion item with a socket or buy Legendary ring. You can acquire it by doing Legion World Quests, acquiring 1000 Wakening Essences and then buying a legendary ring in Dalaran.
  3. Rares don’t give you resources or experience, so just skip them.

Now we can start our BFA leveling!

  1. In the zone of Silithus acquire the quest to talk to Mangi and get Heart of Azeroth. This artifact you will use during all Battle for Azeroth expansion. Then come to Stormwind or Orgrimmar and start the main scenario.
  2. When you arrived in the new areas, select initial zone, pick your two professions, and go to selected area. It doesn’t important which zone to choose, but there is no point to start War Campaign now. After completing your first area, you should be around 113 and have 110+ resources.
    1. Return to your faction hub ship, do all available quests and establish your first foothold in enemy area. Don’t forget to send your champions out on missions.
  3. Complete your second zone and come back to faction hub ship again to pick up War Campaign quests. After completing second foothold quest, do island expedition’s quests. Before starting the final zone send your champions out on missions and then come to the final quest zone.
    1. Keep in mind that all used legendaries are now inactive, so just replace them with quest gear.
  4. When you end your third zone back to your faction hub to complete last foothold quest.
  5. Your invasion missions can be locked by reputation levels. Complete the remaining quests and finish your leveling in any zone with side quests.
  6. Congratulations, you are now 120 level! Come back to your faction hub and complete needful quests to unlock World Quests, which provide you an opportunity to accumulate reputation levels, gear and Azerite.