1-60 Classic Power Leveling Boost Service

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Safe tons of days and sleep well with 1-60 Classic Power Leveling.

1-60 Classic Leveling carry for EU & US regions includes:

  • Character 1-60 leveling or chosen leveling option;
  • All gold, gear and items during the leveling.

1-60 WoW Classic leveling options:

  • Basic 🚗 leveling takes about 14-21 days;
  • Ultra fast 🚒 leveling takes about 10-14 days;
  • Choose None to order Hourly sessions or Custom leveling.

Hourly sessions:

  • 20 hours ⌚ session will be divided into two 10 hours parts with time to rest for booster;
  • Choose None to order Full 1-60 leveling or Custom leveling.

Custom leveling:

  • All orders will be done as soon as possible. Please, contact an operator for more details or if you want to order other range of levels;
  • Choose None to order Full 1-60 leveling or Hourly sessions.
    Boost type: 
    • Account sharing. It means that our booster will play on your character;
    • Note! We only need your login and password from WoW account. We will use VPN service with your country and city.