The Eternal Palace (TEP) Normal Raid Boost Service

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Face to face best Queen Azshara's champions in The Eternal Palace normal raid.

The Eternal Palace normal carry for EU & US regions includes:

Eternal Palace normal loot options:

  • In Personal Loot without traders the amount of items you get depends on your luck;
  • x3 Loot Traders guarantees you 3 boosters with your armour type with minimum 4 items guaranteed;
  • x5 Loot Traders guarantees you 5 boosters with your armour type with minimum 6 items guaranteed;
  • Note! Due to the World of Warcraft gaming mechanics it's not possible to trade items with higher level than character has and you will get all possible loot from traders.

Boost type: 

  • Account sharing means that our booster will play on your character;
  • Selfplay option means that you will play on you own;
  • Note! We only need your login and password from WoW account. We will use VPN service with your country and city.